Lisa Kennedy is the sole designer, creator and owner of Leodora Jewelry. In 2003, Lisa received a beautiful handmade crystal bracelet from a friend. Lisa was so touched that her friend handmade such a special gift, that she decided to learn how to make jewelry too.


At the time, Lisa and her family camped all summer at a local campground. Lisa was often seen sitting at a picnic table making jewelry, while her sons and their friends watched. Before Lisa knew it, her friends and family wanted what she was making. Friends started referring her to local businesses to sell her jewelry. She had displayed in two different spas, several hair salons, a few stores, and many craft shows. Lisa's hobby quickly became a passion, which inadvertently turned into a fun business.


After summer camp was over, Lisa made jewelry on a folding table set up in her dining room, so she could care for her young sons. Now that Lisa's sons are grown, she has taken over a spare bedroom. It's her happy space. Making jewelry and being creative is not only fun but also therapeutic. Her eye for color and design has evolved over the years. She likes to make mostly one-of-a-kind pieces but is willing to recreate popular designs. Lisa has made jewelry for brides, bridal parties, and mothers of brides.


Lisa has been happily married to Dan since 1994 and they live in Fowlerville, MI. They have raised two sons, Hunter and Keiffer, who are in their 20's and living on their own. 


Lisa will never forget how special she felt when she received a handmade bracelet from her friend. She loves knowing that anyone who wears her jewelry will have that same feeling.